6 Things To Remember When Hiring A Home Improvement Contractor

There are different stories on the net of homeowners getting ripped off by different kinds of home improvement contractors. Sometimes, it can’t be avoided that some contractors did not live up to your expectations or not carried out what was agreed. If you are planning on having a major home improvement around your house and property, it is best that you are protected. This will reduce any risks of getting ripped off by contractors and increase the probability of enjoying great results.

Here are some tips:

  1. Finding the right contractor for the job will not be easy. There are a lot of contractors around in different industries. But, if you think you have found the best company to help out with your home improvement project, then you have to make sure that you get everything into writing. This contract should detail everything that you want to be done in your house and what to expect from them. This should also detail the labor, product, materials, costs, and other fees that may be incurred in the project. The contract should also state the timeline of the entire project – when it will start, what will happen in each stage, and when the project will be realized. Payment options should also be included. If the company you hire will use other contractors for certain parts of the project, make sure that you check their license, references, and insurance policy.
  2. Before you hire any contractor, it is a must that you check their licensing. Make sure everything is legit and everything is what they say it is. There are a lot of companies that claim that they are properly licensed when they are not. So, make sure you get everything checked. Ask for a copy of their license. If they are who they say they are, they would not be scared of sharing that information with you. In addition, you can also ask them about building code requirements and other papers that you may need to acquire before a project can be started. A legit company will be able to help you out with these requirements. Plus, they should also be able to provide the proper insurance for you.
  3. Always check for insurance. A reputable home improvement contractor should be able to give you the proper insurance for the job that needs to be done. If a company can’t provide you any insurance, then they are not worth spending time and money with. Having insurance will help protect you and your property. Accidents can happen at any time, especially in the immediate areas where the project will be held. This insurance can help cover property damage, accidents, and others. Without insurance, a contractor employee can sue you in case an accident happens in the duration of the project. Thus, having an insurance is a must.
  4. Better Business Bureau. This agency is the best resource to check whether a company is legit or not. You will also find unbiased reviews of a contractor in this agency. Complaints and how these issues are resolved should also be available on BBB (Better Business Bureau). Any unresolved issues will also be posted on the website. If there are any, the rating of the company will drop. Visiting the website of BBB and checking out company profiles will help provide you a background of how good of a company the contractor you are planning to hire is.
  5. Fake Reviews. You must know that reviews posted by people that a company hires are also available online. Thus, make sure that you are reading legit reviews of homeowners that the contractor had worked with. It is not all the time the reviews that you see online are accurate. There is really no tell-tale whether a review is real or not. This is why recommendations from friends and family are You can also do your own research and investigation before hiring anyone. A small personal research would not hurt, especially when you are hiring someone that will knock down some pieces of your house.
  6. Payment Plan. Experienced and reputable companies will not expect for you to pay them the entire fee of the project right away. They should be able to provide you the right payment plans for the project. If the contractor asks for a deposit, don’t be alarmed. This is normal. A deposit will also give them guarantee as contractors. This will be their cushion in case a homeowner backs out of the contract.


How To Hire Professional Landscaping Contractors

Hiring a professional landscaper is not as easy as reciting your ABC’s. You will still have to go through the screening process to eventually find out the best contractor for your needs. Here’s how you can screen them:


Accidents and different types of property damages are unavoidable, especially if a major renovation is going on around your property. To protect yourself, make sure that the contractor you are hiring offers a liability insurance. This will help keep your mind at peace whenever you hire professionals to do the job for you.


In terms of work quality, you can be protected by checking their license. Make sure that you know the different licenses that a contractor should have before they start hauling your yard. If a contractor does not have a license, you will not have any recourse should you want to raise a complaint against the company. You will also have no assurance, whatsoever, that they will hold their end of the contract. You will never be assured that the finished product will be of the best quality that any contractor can achieve.


Experience is of great importance when it comes to hiring professional contractors to do a home project for you. A contractor with years of experience under their belt will be able to anticipate any problem that may occur during the course of construction. In addition, they will also have the necessary contacts. They will be able to recommend where to find and buy certain materials that are needed to complete your project. You can always check with BBB (Better Business Bureau) whether they have a good standing and good customer feedback. It will always pay off when you stay vigilant before deciding to hire a contractor.


Don’t expect that the cost given to you before the construction began will be the same when the project is finished. This does not always happen. Before you sign any contract, you should discuss with your contractor whether the price given is fixed or not. Knowing before hand will save you some moment of shock when you receive your bill at the end of the contract. In addition, you should also discuss with your contractor your payment options. There are a lot of contractors around that will ask for a down-payment to seal the deal. The remaining balance can be paid after the project is done. It should be stipulated in your contract that if you are not satisfied, you will not be paying anymore if you don’t find the job unsatisfactory. Experienced contractors will not be shocked and be worried if you tell them to have your condition drafted on the contract. A good contractor will not be worried as they know what their capacity is.

Warranties and Maintenance

Because you are hiring a contractor that will work on your landscaping, you have to make sure that the plants will thrive. They should be able to give you instructions as to how you can care for your plants on your own. They should be able to provide you after sales service to any concerns that you may have along the way. Warranties should also be offered to you. They should be able to detail the coverage of their warranty. This will give you added cushion and guarantee that they will do their best whenever they are working on your grounds.

Remember these tips when screening and talking to a possible contractor. You should always make sure that you are covered with insurance and warranties. It does not hurt to be cautious, especially if it is your first time to use their services.