10 No-Nos In Home Remodeling

When it comes to home remodeling, whether working with a contractor or not, it is important that you know how everything goes in a contractor’s mind. Getting a glimpse will help you decide how your home remodeling should go and how it should not. With this in mind, here are the don’ts when it comes to home remodeling projects.


  1. Don’t put off decisions. The secret in having a smooth sailing remodeling project is being decisive. You should decide what you want to do in certain parts of your home. Different situations and emergencies may slow down the progress of your home, but most of the time, simple decisions that you don’t make will make it even harder to progress. Thus, you have to decide before the project starts what paint to use, what sink to install, or what faucet to buy.
  2. Don’t change your mind too often. Changes may seem inevitable in major projects like this, but don’t make it a habit of changing one decision to another in a matter of hours. One change in the plan would have a ripple effect on other things on the project. This will further delay the progress of your home remodeling. In addition, every change that you have will incur charges. This means buying new materials and paying an extra hour of labor.
  3. Don’t try to buy the materials yourself. It may be the most practical way to go, especially if you want to save money. Most contractors may add a markup on the price of materials that you need to buy. However, they are also connected to different suppliers who can provide them a discount. Buying the materials on your own means paying the same markup that the contractor has provided, or even more.
  4. Don’t save what can’t be saved. The most dreadful thing that homeowners will hear is that the house can’t be saved. If your contractor tells you that it is best to have it knocked down than have it restored, then you should listen to your contractor. You have to remember that they know more and they know what is best for your house. They have the background and knowledge to assess what can be saved and what can’t be saved.
  5. Always have emergency funds. It is very rare to hear someone say that they have worked within their budget or have worked less their expected cost. With this in mind, you should make sure that you have an emergency fund sitting somewhere. This will help provide a cushion to emergency expenses and investments.
  6. Keep your children and pets in a safe distance. If you are working with a contractor, it is always best to have your kids and pets away from them. Though they will accommodate them out of respect, you have to keep in mind that you have a schedule to stick to. Plus, it is not safe for your children and pets to be around falling roofs and debris.
  7. Don’t stay in your home. If your home is undergoing a full renovation, then you should stay and live in it. Make sure that you plan in advance. Rent a room near your residence and place your belongings in storage.
  8. Don’t distract your contractor. You have to keep in mind that your contractor is also working within your contract. This means that every minute you spend talking to them is a minute taken out of your bank account. You don’t want to be the cause of their delay and end up paying more because of it.
  9. Listen to your house. Before you start making plans for your home remodeling, make sure that you have put into consideration what your house really needs. Do not just make plans out of what you want. You have to make sure that everything stays in harmony. Do not install a modern day bathroom in a Victorian house. High-top sneakers do not really look nice with a classic tuxedo. Does it?
  10. Don’t work blindly. Always work with a plan. If you don’t have the skills to come up with a proper design, then you should sit down with a professional home decorator, and architect, or an engineer to have this done. It is always fatal to fly blindly.

Effective and Efficient Home Making Made Easy


Unless you’re Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray, home making can be a big chore. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you can put off for another day, or not do completely. The good news is that you can make keeping your home much easier; you just need to do it right. Below are some of the tips we have gathered from the pros who have been where you are right now. Read on and learn from them.

  1. There are times when your plans for the day fall apart and, most of the time, there is nothing you can do about it. To make things less hectic for you, make sure that you have a couple of go-to meal ideas that you can pull off in a jiffy, with all its ingredients right on your kitchen.
  2. Make it a habit to have at least an extra supply of things that you use often like mustard, ketchup, spaghetti sauce and a few others. Keep all of them in the same area and remember to stock up on them when there’s a good sale.
  3. It might seem obvious to keep all your bills together in one place, but many people still manage to replace a couple of theirs. This way, during payday, you just grab all your bills, sit down in your desk, and start your budgeting.
  4. Your kids can be of big help in home making. Get them to help in at least a couple of the chores at home. You can even get your toddlers to help, as it’s mostly in this stage where they are very excited to do adult stuff, constantly copying what mom and dad is doing.
  5. You might think that you’ll manage to properly clean your home during cleaning day, but there will always be times when you forget one thing that you need to get done. It helps to have a cleaning list for your home so everyone in your home knows what needs to be done.
  6. Learn at least one dessert that you will feel confident making and have its ingredients in your pantry all the time. Whether you’re attending a bake sale, a dinner party, a school party or just a simple dinner at home, you know you’ll be prepared with a nice treat at the end of the meal.

Home making is never easy, but there are ways for you to make it easier and more efficient. Hopefully, you’ve learned from some of the tips above. Of course, there are still so many out there, and you’ll definitely learn a few more as you along.